Top 10 Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors (2023 Reviews)

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How to choose the best smartwatches for nurses and doctors? Assuming you’re shopping for the best smartwatches for nurses, you need to focus on a waterproof watch that can – at a minimum – withstand occasional exposure to water because nurses wash their hands regularly. Likewise contemplate the case size, since something oversized might feel excessively heavy, or cause you to bump it into equipment and patients constantly. You’ll likewise want to consider the functionality, and whether it offers hands support so you don’t need to glance at your phone between patients. Lastly, consider the battery life since longer shifts imply that you need a battery that can go longer between charges.

Subsequent to considering the entirety of the abovementioned and researching countless customer reviews, we nominated the Apple Watch Series 6 as our Top Pick. Continue to read to learn more about our selection rules. Additionally, check out our guide to the best smartwatch on the market.

Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors Reviews
Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors

Top 10 Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors Reviews

1. Apple Watch Series 6 Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Supports Wi-Fi and cellular use
  • Sleep tracking and fitness tracking
  • Water-resistant to 50m


  • Lower battery life
  • Only compatible with Apple devices

Considering that many people use the iPhone, we’re including the Apple Watch Series 6 as the best smartwatch for nurses. iPhone users who are searching for a smartwatch that supports phone and text are going to need to focus on Apple Watches. The Series 6 is the most current model from Apple as of the release of this guide. Furthermore, we like that it’s available in both 40 and 44-millimeter cases. This product gives you more options on the off chance that you have a smaller wrist and don’t want a watch that feels like it’s overwhelming. You’ll likewise get the always-on retina display and a screen that is 30% larger than the older Series 3 — which is still a popular model from Apple. We like that this pick tracks sleep and fitness alongside enhanced health metrics, for example, continuous heart monitoring thanks to optical heart sensors to track pulse, blood oxygen levels, and even ECG readings through proprietary apps. Contactless payment is additionally supported through the proprietary Apple Pay to make purchases.

Regardless of whether you’re a sorry swimmer, the 50-meter water resistance ensures that you can safely expose the Series 6 to water throughout the day. With WiFi and cellular data support, you can likewise assign a separate cell line to this watch and go completely sans hands on your next shift. For safety features, you’ll get fall detection that automatically triggers a notification to your emergency contacts. Other key features that you’ll like include Hand Off which allows you to open an app on your iPhone or iPad and afterward continue using it on your Apple Watch. Notwithstanding, the Apple Watch can pair with Apple devices. Furthermore, a typical issue with Apple Watches in general — regardless of generation — is that they consistently score lower for battery life. The brand promises 18 hours of use on a single charge however most reviewers noted that 12 hours was more probable. Also, this was especially true assuming you use the smart features oftentimes. For the outdoorsy consumer, the best-rugged smartwatch with incredible battery life is a great option too.

2. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Best on a Budget
  • Streamlined smart functionality
  • Water-resistant to 50m


  • Limited smart functionality

The Fitbit Versa is a strong decision for any individual who wants to get into the smartwatch pattern but isn’t keen on putting resources into a portion of the higher-priced options. It has a great deal to cherish, is packed loaded with features, and is extraordinarily durable. The biggest breakout feature as we would like to think is that the Fitbit Versa is a rare example of a fitness tracker that supports internal storage for music. These smartwatches can store in excess of 300 melodies. In any case, what we like best is that you’ll get a four-day battery range so you can cover multiple shifts before now is the right time to recharge your smartwatch. Also, the fact that you can quickly recharge the Versa in just two hours is really noteworthy as well. Alongside a 50-meter water resistance rating, the Fitbit Versa is OS-agnostic and can work with Apple and Android devices.

For smart support, the Versa supports notifications for calls, calendar updates, and texts. You’ll gain admittance to 24/7 heart rate monitoring, activity, steps, sleep stages, calories consumed, and floors climbed. You can likewise customize the screen with widgets. We additionally like that this product has 15 activity modes and even GPS support for ongoing tracking of distance, speed, and courses whether you’re running or walking. Notwithstanding, we noticed that iPhone users might encounter smart impediments for music playback through streaming apps or accessing the proprietary contactless payment app, Fitbit Pay. For Apple fans, the best smartwatches for iPhone are a great decision, as well.

3. Fossil Men’s Gen 4 Explorist HR Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Wear OS support for Google integration
  • Untethered GPS support
  • Notifications for text, calls, and calendar updates


  • 3ATM water-resistance
  • 24hr battery life

Assuming you like picking a watch with bands that are more traditional and less sporty, the Fossil Gen 4 Voyager HR is a great decision. This pick runs on Google’s Wear OS framework. Nonetheless, this is an OS-agnostic product also and will pair with both Apple and Android devices. With the Wear OS interface, you’ll have a vivid encounter with Google-upheld apps, for example, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Calendar, and even Google Pay or Google Play. Notwithstanding, some functionality will be restricted for iPhone users.

You’ll get continuous heart rate tracking as well as fitness tracking for steps and select activity profiles. You’ll likewise approach notifications for texts, calls, and calendar cautions. While this pick has some water resistance, at 30 meters, it’s more suited for occasional exposure as opposed to swimming. Still, we truly do like that you have some control over and store music on the watch. Furthermore, albeit the essential battery range is recorded as 24 hours, depending on the settings you select, you can extend that by two days and recharge in just one hour. For the older consumer, the best smartwatch for seniors that arrives in a 41 and 45-millimeter case size is great.

4. Apple Watch Series 5 Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Supports call and text
  • Available in 40 and 44-mm case sizes
  • Robust fitness trackers


  • Lower battery life with frequent use of smart functions

Honestly, most smartwatches feature customizable faces that permit you to pick between different simple and digital screens. In any case, we like the Series 5 Apple Watch as the best smartwatch with a second hand because of the dynamic always-on retina display. The Series 5 is basically the same as the Series 6 however is significantly less expensive since it’s an older Apple Watch model. You’ll like that this pick additionally features GPS, WiFi, and cellular support. Thus, this means you can settle on decisions and texts, and even make a separate line for your watch through your mobile transporter for genuine without hands insight. Other normal Apple Watch features include tracking for, sleep, steps, ECG, and continuous heart rate monitoring. Likewise, fall detection, Emergency SOS, and an ABC sensor are included. You’ll like the decision between a 40-and 44-millimeter case and the durable included silicone tie.

The Series 5 watch supports Hand Off for reflecting apps between the iPhone or iPad and your Apple Watch. We likewise appreciated the haptic input for the display. Be that as it may, as is normal with Apple Watches, this product’s battery life is typically substantially less than the brand promises. Reviewers noted that the best method for getting the most battery life was to incapacitate the always-on retina display since, besides regular calls and texts, the display was the next biggest channel on the battery. In any case, experts will cherish the best smartwatch for business that comes equipped with added functionality.

5. Apple Watch Series 4 Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Digital crown with haptic feedback
  • GPS support for iOS 12 or later
  • Supports calls and texts


  • Short battery life
  • No cellular data support

While nurses ought to prioritize smaller cases that will not burden their wrists, there’s a proviso to this. Assuming you have a larger wrist, a case that is 40 millimeters or less might not be practical. Thus, we like that the Series 4 Apple Watch accompanies a 44-millimeter case. We additionally feel that is all there is to it’s ideal for people who have older iPhones because it’s compatible with the iPhone 5s and newer generations. Notwithstanding, you’ll need to confirm that your iPhone is running on iOS 12 for the watch to pair with it appropriately.

The Series 4 watch is GPS-supported however isn’t compatible with cellular data. Notwithstanding, you’ll still get support for calls and texts, you’ll just need for your iPhone to be within range. What’s more, alongside fitness tracking, you’ll get a 50-meter water resistance rating. The distinctive display additionally supports haptics on the touch screen. The main disadvantage past no cellular data support is the more limited battery life when contrasted and other smartwatches. Consider contrasting this model with the best smartwatch with a camera that features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that capabilities without phone tying.

6. Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Can store media content
  • Swim proof design
  • Available in 38mm and 44mm


  • Short battery life

People with older iPhones, they’ll appreciate the Series 3 Apple Watch. This pick isn’t exactly as feature-heavy as newer Apple Watch models however is a great starter option for somebody who wants smart support yet doesn’t want to confront feature limits with an OS-agnostic watch or the more extreme price of newer Apple Watches. Specifically, we like that this pick comes in two sizes, 38 and 42 millimeters. This product is ideal for people with smaller wrists as the 38-millimeter case will not overpower your wrists. In spite of the fact that you don’t get cellular data to support it, this pick can settle on decisions and texts.

Just like other Apple Watches, the Series 3 has similar battery range limits. However, we truly do like that you still get a 50-meter water resistance rating and eight gigabytes of internal storage. In spite of the fact that you don’t get an always-on retina display, you have continuous heart rate monitoring alongside tracking for steps, calories, sleep, and floors climbed. Furthermore, you additionally approach emergency SOS call support. What’s more, for fitness tracking, you approach GPS support for steps, heart rate, and different movement modes with the best fitness smartwatch.

7. Garmin vivoactive 4 Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • 5ATM water resistance
  • Up to 8 days of battery life
  • 20+ built-in sports profiles


  • Some functionality may be limited for iPhone users

Garmin smartwatches are a strong decision for anyone with any interest at all in putting resources into a smartwatch. We like that this brand is known for providing a wide array of features that make their watches seamlessly change from work to play. The Garmin vivoactive 4 is one of the most mind-blowing watches for nurses because it joins a respectable battery range with enhanced fitness and health tracking metrics — all with a decision of either a 40-and 45-millimeter case. In addition, this pick can pair with both Apple and Android devices.

We like the more than 20 preloaded fitness profiles for various activities including pilates, cardio, strength, and yoga. What’s more, you’ll like that you could in fact access on-screen activities to guarantee that you’re using the proper structure. The fitness tracking part of this product covers steps, floors climbed, calories consumed, distance voyaged, force minutes, blood oxygen, continuous heart rate, breath, hydration, women’s health, and sleep. There are occurrence detection and safety help support. Also, for smart features, you’ll get notifications for text, calendar updates, and phone calls. You can likewise accumulate to 500 melodies on the watch and manage music controls. Android users can access text reaction and phone call dismissal alongside Garmin Pay. For cyclists, examine the best smartwatch for cycling that offers you enhanced safety features.

8. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • Available in two case sizes
  • Ideal for Android phone users
  • GPS tracking for 39+ workouts


  • Lower battery life than some models

Samsung smartwatches are always a smart decision for Android users. To this end, we’re selecting the Samsung Galaxy Watch as the best smartwatch for specialists and nurses with Android phones — regardless of whether they’re not from Samsung. The Galaxy Watch can be paired with an iPhone, yet to receive the most use in return, you’re better off on the off chance that you’re an Android user. Key smart capabilities, for example, Samsung Pay or Google Play don’t always play well with Apple iOS. For Android users, the Galaxy Watch can make a genuinely sans hands insight.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch provides call and text support and is available in a wide array of finishes, despite the fact that we’re highlighting this rose gold model. While the brand promises a four-day battery life, your genuine mileage will rely on how frequently you depend on smart features like calls, texts, and music streaming. Still, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has a 50-meter water resistance rating and is unimaginably durable since it passed the MIL-sexually transmitted disease 810G solidness tests including for dust resistance. You’ll likewise gain admittance to Samsung’s proprietary voice assistant, Bixby, and fine-tuned GPS support for fitness tracking and data recording. Furthermore, assuming you’re a competitor who trains, we recommend the best smartwatch for running that features accurate tracking.

9. TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch for iPhone

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  • Layered display technology
  • 30-day fitness tracker
  • Built-in GPS


  • Very limited functionality for iPhone users

For nurses that detest charging their smartwatch consistently, the TicWatch Pro is the perfect answer for your problems. This watch can run for up to 30 days on a single charge depending on your settings. In Fundamental Mode, you’ll get 30 days and in Smart Mode which incorporates GPS usage, you’ll get two days prior to needing to recharge. The TicWatch Pro is powered by Google Wear OS. This Bluetooth-empowered watch can pair with both iPhones and Androids. However, remember that some smart functionality can be restricted on iPhones specifically for features like Google Pay and Google Play.

Another intriguing note is that you can likewise set your watch to auto-switch the battery mode out of Smart Mode. While this setting is empowered, the Fundamental Mode is set off at one point and the battery life is extended for up to five days. The TicWatch Pro uses GPS to track courses as well as speed and distance while you’re running. The fitness tracker likewise logs steps, continuous heart rate monitoring, and calories. While you can use Google Play, Android users additionally approach streaming media, for example, Spotify, and virtual entertainment like Facebook Messenger. For your young ones, consider buying the best smartwatch for youngsters that features a dial cushion that can be crippled through the parental controls app on your cell phone.

10. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch for Nurses

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  • 5ATM water-resistance
  • Supports sending and receiving calls and texts
  • GPS with GLONASS integration


  • Poorer battery life compared to other Samsung watches

For people who want a smart home, the Samsung Gear Sport is a great option. Alongside the normal features, you anticipate from a smartwatch, this pick can likewise be used to control smart appliances in your home through the Samsung Interface app and voice orders. Furthermore, this is a decent comfort since, after a long shift, the last thing you want is to get back home to a house that is excessively hot or cold, or with every one of the lights off in your home. Since this is a Samsung watch, it’s an excellent pick for Android users since it supports calls and texts and works seamlessly with Android devices.

The Gear Sport relies on GPS with a GLONASS mix for more robust tracking and navigation support. We like that this is another 50-meter water-resistant watch. Key fitness metrics include steps, continuous heart rate monitoring, and sleep, and the sky is the limit from there. You’ll likewise gain admittance to Samsung Pay and countless apps including Spotify and Uber. notwithstanding, while Samsung promises a multi-day battery, many negative reviews revolve around the unfortunate battery life that at times scarcely endures 24 hours prior to needing to be recharged. Another option with great water resistance features is the best half-breed smartwatch.

Buying Guide For The Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors

Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors Reviews.
Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors

The Most Significant Factors to Consider

OS Compatibility

Regardless of your vocation way, one of the top factors you need to consider while purchasing a smartwatch is operating framework (OS) compatibility. While most smartwatches are designed to work with both the Apple and Android OS, people with iPhones might encounter functionality impediments specifically for smart features like responding to texts or dismissing calls. Thus, we ordinarily recommend that anybody with an iPhone who wants a smartwatch that supports calls and text ought to pick an Apple Watch. Notwithstanding, regardless of whether you’re an Apple or Android user, you’ll want to confirm that the current OS variant you’re using is supported by your favored smartwatch.

Water Resistance

This might appear to be an odd one to include. However, considering that nurses are expected to regularly wash their hands, water resistance ought to be fundamentally important. Fortunately, most smartwatches from significant brands (for example Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.) are rated with a water resistance of something like 3ATM. This means 30 meters which are above and beyond for occasional water exposure, for example, hand washing or washing a patient. In any case, if you want to likewise swim while wearing your watch, then search for a 5ATM or 50 meters of water resistance.

Fitness and Health Metrics

Indeed, even nurses need to take care of their health. Most smartwatches are designed to — at a minimum — track steps, heart rate, sleep, calories consumed, and floors climbed. Some watches are designed for sports fans and are preloaded with multiple sport or activity profiles so the watch can all the more accurately track your movements. What’s more, typically, most smartwatches likewise work with a proprietary app to review that data or permit you to push your health and fitness data to other apps like Apple Health or Samsung Health.


A clunky smartwatch can be an obligation for a medical caretaker. It can impede your capacity to take care of your business or constantly beat against hospital equipment. Search for watches that are generally lightweight, yet made of durable materials, for example, break and scratch-resistant glass so they last longer.


Besides activity tracking and health and fitness metrics in the background, certain individuals might favor a watch with additional enhanced smart features, for example, sending and getting calls and texts, overseeing music controls, or even contactless payments. While most smartwatches support notifications for calls, text messages, and calendar updates, not every one of them permits you to seamlessly control music or settle on decisions and texts. If a without-hands replacement is your objective, iPhone proprietors ought to pick an Apple Watch and Android users ought to decide on a Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, for fitness and health, most watches track heart rates, steps, calories consumed, sleep, and floors climbed.

Battery Life

Considering that nurses can pull long shifts, battery life is significant. The last thing you want is for your watch to kick the bucket mid-shift. In any case, remember that watches with additional enhanced smart features like call and text support tend to have lower battery ranges than watches that are more fitness trackers with restricted smart functionality. Depending on the watch you pick, you can find one that may scarcely endure one shift and some that can go for a while before they need to be recharged — or on account of mixture watches, need the battery to be supplanted.

FAQs About The Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors

Can nurses wear smartwatches?

Indeed, they can. In most hospitals, nurses are permitted to wear smartwatches. As well as being useful timepieces, they can likewise act as a sans-hands answer for keeping in touch with friends and family and tracking significant health metrics and fitness data.

Is an Apple Watch worth it for nurses?

On the off chance that a medical caretaker possesses an iPhone and wants a piece of wearable tech that fills in as a sans-hands smartphone replacement, then yes. The Apple Watch is water-resistant, supports fitness tracking, supports calls and texts, and integrates seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem.

Will nurses wear Fitbits?

Expecting the hospital allows nurses to wear watches, yes a medical caretaker can wear a Fitbit. Fitbit watches support fitness and health monitoring and tracking while additionally providing message pop-ups for texts and calls, as well as calendar updates. Furthermore, depending on whether a medical caretaker is using an Android or Apple phone, they likewise have support for contactless payments through the Fitbit Pay app.

Is wearing a Fitbit risky for your health?

No, it’s not. While Fitbit devices truly do discharge radiation, the brand has confirmed that their devices are agreeable with existing FCC guidelines for Bluetooth BLE.

Conclusion – Best Smartwatches For Nurses And Doctors

In this guide, I’ve shared the things which you ought to consider while choosing a smartwatch for Nurses and Specialists. I’ve additionally shared the top 10 smartwatches which are ideal for Specialists and Nurses in 2023.

I trust that you found this guide useful and assuming you have any inquiries, kindly let me in on in the comments. Remain Safe!

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