What Are The Best Watches For Men? (Top 10 Reviews Of 2023)

Best Watches For Men

What are the best watches for men in 2023? For those living under a rock, everyone knows that the modern man doesn’t really wear a watch solely to know the time. Instead, it is more about a statement of your class and style. You also probably already realize that good quality watches for men can be found within a variety of price points, so there’s always something for you regardless of your budget.

Gents, since we as a whole know these things, there’s really no point dancing around a preamble. Let’s just cut to the chase and see some of the best watches for men available on the market.

Best Watches For Men
Best Watches For Men

Top 10 Best Watches For Men In 2023 Reviews

1. Rado Centrix Jubile Black Dial

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Simple but classy; that’s the easiest way to describe this Rado Centrix Jubile Black Dial watch. With just the quarter-hour positions marked by diamonds and silver-tone hands, the watch presents a not-too-noisy and straightforward design. Apart from the small brand name, hour, minute, and seconds hand, the main other things on the face is the calendar – talk about a neat watch!

Rado Centrix is an analog quartz watch, meaning its ticking movement is powered by a battery. This might not be your sort of watch assuming you prefer an automatic or mechanical watch. But its nitty-gritty design coupled with its tough scratch-resistant sapphire crystal gives it a certain easy appeal, making it one of the best watches for men who are looking to stand out with something uncomplicated yet stylish.

Rado has automatic watches, though, assuming that’s your preference. However, they cost a few hundred dollars more than the quartz model.

With just 30 meters of water-resistant rating, the Rado Centrix watch is splash-proof. But a splash-proof watch isn’t exactly what you’ll wear to the pool.

Getting caught up in occasional rain while wearing your Rado Centrix won’t be a problem; neither will splashes of water have any effect on the watch. But you would rather not submerge this watch in water. Your investment is better off contacting the smallest amount of water possible.

2. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

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This next option is for men with deep pockets. On the off chance that you intend to splash some serious cash on a timepiece, you might as well take a look at the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. It’s not called the “moon watch” in vain. It has actually been to the moon and back! The Omega Speedmaster is one of the few manual-winding chronograph movement watches that are worn on NASA missions.

The analog watch features a tough sapphire crystal dial window and comes complete with a presentation box that includes a Velcro strap, and NATO endlessly strap-changing instruments.

With a 50-meter water resistance depth, you shouldn’t think of diving with this expensive watch unless you plan to damage your prized possession!

While you can swim with it, it is best to avoid an excess of exposure to water and probably take it off. Like other chronograph watches, this one also features a stopwatch function that can be exceptionally useful when you need to use a timer. The bottom button at the side of the watch controls the function and can be used to start and stop timing.

Omega watches are not just made famous by NASA astronauts, movie characters like James Bond have also contributed to promoting the brand. On the off chance that you prefer the version worn by James Bond (after he ditched Rolex in 1995), consider the more popular Omega Seamaster series. This particular Seamaster Planet Ocean is an automatic watch, so you should wear it almost daily or move it around for a bit every day. Needless to say, you’ll have to pay top dollar for it.

3. Gucci G – Timeless

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Okay, Gucci is renowned as a first-rate fashion label, so it might come as a surprise to see the brand listed among watchmakers. First, buying a watch from a well-established fashion brand means you are paying extra for the designer label. And secondly, you might not get certain features found in that frame of mind within the same price range.

However, Gucci isn’t just an authority in the clothing scene. The company has gone ahead to also make a name for itself in the watch market and is even a leading brand in watchmaking. And the icing on the cake? Gucci watches are made in, you guessed it, Switzerland – giving the watchmaking section of the brand more class.

Most Gucci watch designs are strikingly unconventional as far as traditional watchmaking goes. The result? Gucci produces some of the best watches for men who prefer donning chic styles instead of the more normal traditional designs.

In this way, in the event that you are looking to stand out from the crowd, consider a Gucci watch. This G-Timeless model is from the Timeless collection. It comes with a mineral crystal face and quartz movement. Although it is a water-resistant watch, it is best suited for swimming in shallow waters.

The watch is battery-operated. That means you might need to replace it, depending on how long it has stayed on the rack. An automatic movement would have been desirable, but Gucci watches with that feature cost almost as twice much as this one.

4. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Caliber 5 Automatic Watch

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This might not be the most expensive watch on this list, but it certainly is really tricky knowing exactly where to begin to describe this TAG Heuer Watch.

TAG Heuer is a leading name in watchmaking. First, it is a Swiss brand. Secondly, the company has continued to win multiple prestigious awards. And thirdly, you don’t have to lose an arm and a leg to claim one of their watches, although they don’t come cheap. Is there any wonder why one of their timepieces is included in the list of best watches for men?

This automatic TAG Heuer watch comes with tough sapphire crystal glass that won’t scratch easily. The glass face houses a striking gray dial that is difficult to miss even in the dark, thanks to the rhodium-plated indexes coated in white Superluminova and the sleek steel hands. And just in case you didn’t catch that, it simply means the hands and markers glow in the dark.

The watch is powered by Caliber 5 mechanical movement with a backup power that can last as long as 38 hours. It also comes with a fast date correction feature. As far as water resistance goes, you don’t have to take it off if you want to go for water skiing or any other serious surface water sports. In fact, it is safe for professional marine activities, as well. But with just 200 meters water-resistant rating, you definitely shouldn’t involve this watch for scuba diving.

Seems like the Formula 1 collection is a combination of high-quality and bells and whistles, right? Well, it very well may be difficult to find fault with a watch that is designed with incredible Swiss-made technology. But here’s something to keep in mind, though; 43 mm isn’t exactly small, so the watch might look awkward on you in the event that you have a small hand. You don’t want people thinking you got an oversized birthday present!

But that’s not something to split hairs a lot about because you can opt for the 41 mm stainless steel version assuming you’re bent on owning a watch from the Formula 1 collection of TAG Heuer. It is also an automatic watch, so there’s no need for a battery.

5. Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Automatic Watch

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The Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Automatic Watch is proof that you can get the best watches for men even in the event that you’re not a CEO just yet. A high-quality Swiss watch, an automatic watch, and synthetic sapphire glass are all wrapped into this truly affordable timepiece! Quality and affordability get no better than this Tissot Le Locle watch.

This watch is made from stainless steel and has a silver metal bracelet. The watch has a black dial and comes with a date function. You won’t be changing batteries since it is an automatic watch, but you’ll need to wear it or move it daily. It is a water-resistant watch with a 30-meter rating. Apart from the occasional splash of water from the sink, it is best to avoid getting this watch wet.

6. Bell and Ross BR 03-92 NIGHTLUM

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The Bell and Ross BR 03-92 NIGHTLUM watch is the first watch on this list with a leather strap. Pay no attention to the “bell” in the name; there’s no bell and whistles with this watch, just a straightforward square watch with the traditional hours, minutes, and seconds hands with a date feature.

This watch has its origin in aviation and is perfect for gents who prefer simplicity and a square-shaped watch. But just because it is a simple watch doesn’t mean it is made from low-quality materials. This watch features a hard-wearing leather strap that is as tough as they come. The face is a rugged scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the watch comes with a screwed-down crown.

All the hands are luminous, so you don’t have to squint to see what time is it, even in the dark. It is a water-resistant watch rated at 100 meters. Along these lines, it is perfect for swimming and some other water sports. However, I wouldn’t take it for diving. And the best part? It has an automatic movement. Thus, while this watch might not have the usual extra attractive trimmings, it sure packs quite a bit of functionality.

7. Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

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Here’s another leather strap watch that qualifies to be on this list of best watches for men. Why? You’ll know just in a bit. But first, let’s start with the one thing that is less appealing about the watch. The Horological Smartwatch from Frederique Constant is a Swiss quartz watch, meaning it is powered by a battery. Most watch nerds would prefer an automatic or mechanical watch, but this quartz watch comes with a battery that can last for more than 2years, so you won’t be changing the battery anytime soon.

Okay, now that we’ve gone past that hitch, let’s see what makes this watch outstanding. This elegant-looking timepiece isn’t called a smartwatch for anything. It combines a lot of useful functions that hardly reflect the price tag. This is the perfect watch assuming that you are interested in getting a timepiece that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals

The Smartwatch can track your athletic activities, including the number of daily advances, the total distance covered, and the total calories consumed. You can even set the alarm to remind you to move on the off chance that you haven’t done so for a certain period. And you can wear it to sleep or place it under your pillow to screen and record your sleep. What are the details it records during sleep? It screens how long you spent in light sleep, and deep sleep, and how long you spent awake.

Okay, enough about activity tracking. Let’s get to the real reason this watch is called a smartwatch. It is worked to automatically get the ongoing time from your Smartphone, so you absolutely never need to establish the point in time and date, even when you travel across time zones. Also, all your data can be backed up to the cloud, making it easy to reestablish it in case you at any point lose your phone or watch.

It comes with a locked crown, a press button, and a scratch-resistant domed sapphire crystal face. It has a water-resistant rating of 50 meters, making it safe to use even when you sweat profusely or wash your hand in the sink. Just don’t go swimming with this watch as you might lose your investment.

8. Breitling Navitimer GMT

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Did I say the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch was for those with deep pockets? Well, you might need to dig really deep into those pockets to purchase a Breitling Navitimer GMT. This is the most expensive watch on this list, but its price isn’t just what makes it one of the best watches for men; it’s its boss and outstanding quality. In fact, you can use the words “quality” and “Breitling” interchangeably as far as watches go (that’s my viewpoint, anyway!)

Usually, I ought to save the best for last, but as you’ll have seen, I didn’t follow any particular request in listing these watches. The Breitling Navitimer GMT watch is an amazing timepiece, whether it appears at the top, bottom, or anywhere on any list.

There’s hardly anything a quality extravagance watch ought to have that is lacking in this powerful timepiece. But that’s not surprising considering it is Swiss-made. It has an automatic movement, rugged anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, a chronograph, and a bidirectional bezel function.

You simply can’t go wrong with this watch. An excellent investment for those who can afford it. And to make you feel relaxed, the item comes with a strong 6-year warranty.

The last two watches on this list are great decisions on the off chance that you’re thinking budget. But just because you are living on a shoestring doesn’t mean you can’t find good quality watches. In fact, you can find some of the best watches for men under $500 here.

9. Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch

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Need an affordable hybrid timepiece named “the most accurate watch on the planet?” A smart decision would be the Eco-Drive Chronograph from Citizen.

It’s rare to find a quartz watch that combines super accuracy with not needing a battery. Hell, even high-end chronograph watches will generally go clashing with time.

This Eco-Drive chronometer timepiece is powered by light – just about any light! The watch face has a small solar panel that traps light, so there’s absolutely no need for a battery, of all time! The watch also has an “Atomic Timekeeping” feature, making sure it never goes noticeably off.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch is made in Japan. And just before you raise an eyebrow because it’s not from the watchmaking capital of the world – Switzerland – have confidence that Japan also manufactures some of the best watches for men and women alike.

The watch has a brilliant quality form; it doesn’t scratch easily because it has an extremely tough defensive sapphire crystal on the glass window lens (that’s the transparent part of the watch’s face). And with up to 200-meter water resistance rating, swimming and diving with the watch ought to be safe.

Here’s a clever and interesting feature. The watch saves energy by not moving all the hands when it is shrouded in a dark place for some time (under your sleeve, in a drawer, and so on) As soon as you bring it to light, you can apparently perceive how the second’s hand zoom by to catch up with the ongoing time.

This might not be the best watch for you assuming you are looking for something with less “commotion” on the face. Some people might find the face a bit excessively crowded. In the event that you want a watch sleek design and a less cramped face, perhaps an unconventional watch like those from Gucci might suit you.

It might not be the most expensive quartz on the planet, but it certainly is a great watch at its cost. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 605 client surveys on Amazon and a strong 5-year manufacturer warranty, this is definitely not a bad quartz watch at all.

10. Seiko Automatic Watch

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This analog Seiko Automatic Watch is the least expensive on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. In fact, it is styled basically like a Rolex Submariner, one of the best watches for men with regards to taking a deep jump.

Like the past Citizen watch, this one also is manufactured in Japan. Seiko isn’t new to the watchmaking industry and has established itself as a company that produces high-quality and accurate timepieces.

This particular watch is worked with a crystal made from minerals. While that is good, it isn’t quite as durable and strong as sapphire, but hello, assuming it’s worked as high-quality as other extravagance watches, it will not be entirely affordable, right?

The auto watch is water-resistant for up to 100 meters. Meaning, it is great for swimming in a pool, but it might not be okay for diving. You definitely don’t want to be wearing this for your underwater exploration at the end of the week.

Anyways, you don’t have to hate deep-diving to claim this watch. There are different alternatives assuming that diving is top on your end-of-the-week plan for the day. The Seiko auto watch is simply not designed for such activities. And incidentally, for what reason is it called an automatic watch? Because it works by your movement. Instead of relying on batteries, it possibly works when you use it. This is perhaps one of the few cheap watches with such a feature.

While the automatic movement is generally an or more, it could also be a problem in the event that you don’t use the watch for a couple of days. You may not lose your investment because you didn’t wear your Seiko 5 model for a whole day, but you may need to manually restart the watch. To do that, you need to turn the crown on the watch a couple of times – about 10 to 15 times clockwise.

With all due respect, though, this isn’t peculiar to this watch. All automatic watches are designed that way. So on the off chance that you can get past the fact that you might need to use this watch almost daily, then, at that point, it very well may be the perfect watch for you.

Buyers Guide – Best Watches For Men

Best Watches For Men.
Best Watches For Men

Big names are good; in fact, they are great. But watches are not just about Omega, Rolex, and TAG. Great watches are not found in Switzerland as it were. All in all, what exactly makes a watch great? Here are some important criteria to note.

Watch Movement

Watch movement alludes to the mechanism a watch uses to work. There are three sorts of watch movements, namely, quartz, mechanical, and automatic movements.

A watch with a quartz movement frequently uses a battery and is generally cheaper than a watch with mechanical or automatic movement. Mechanical watches require occasional winding to keep them functional. And automatic watches need to be worn or moved daily.

With quartz watches, you get ticking movement of the seconds-hand while mechanical and automatic watches have a sweeping or smooth seconds-hand movement. You can find good-quality watches with quartz movement, but as a rule, extravagant watches have mechanical or automatic movements.

Watch Case Material

It doesn’t matter the mechanism of a watch – whether it ticks or ranges – on the off chance that the material used in building the case is poor, nobody would be attracted to it in the first place. In this way, first things first, a watch case ought to give style. But past that, it has to be durable to offer any type of security. Good quality watches ought to have cases made from titanium, ceramic, or possibly stainless steel.

The Glass on the Face

The glass on watch faces is called crystals and is made from various materials. Protecting the watch from the soil, water, and other potentially damaging materials might appear to be an easy thing to do, but it isn’t. Thus, the best watches for men need to have crystals made from tough and durable materials.

The three major materials are sapphire, acrylic, and mineral. Sapphire crystals are second just to diamonds in toughness, making them more scratch-resistant and expensive. Acrylic faces or crystals are mostly found on cheaper watches. Personally, I don’t recommend buying any watch with this sort of crystal because it scratches easily. Besides, it is mostly found in youngsters’ watches.

Mineral crystals are simply glasses treated with chemicals or heat to work on their shatter and scratch resistance. They are not as durable as sapphire but rather are great decisions in the event that you are on a careful spending plan.

Watch Strap

The weight of a metal strap will let you know regardless of whether it is made from strong material. Stainless steel, platinum, and gold are some of the best options for metal watch straps. A low-quality watch will have hollow stainless steel in its straps.

You can also find good quality watches with leather straps. The straps are made from durable leather. For example, this expensive Hublot Rose Gold watch comes with a leather strap.

Whether you pick a metal or leather strap watch involves personal preference. One isn’t better than the other. Although, some people will generally think that metal strap watches ought to be worn while busy working during the day, while leather strap watches ought to be for additional casual outings in the evenings or nights. Obviously, that’s just an assessment. You can decide to do whatever suits you best.


Best Watches For Men...
Best Watches For Men

What? Yeah, you read that right.

Complications don’t seem like a good thing but trust me; it is all good as far as quality watches go. Complications allude to a watch’s extra features besides telling the time.

A good-quality watch ought to have at least a date feature, you know, just to keep you modern. Other useful features incorporate a chronograph (stopwatch for timing yourself), a backlight, and many others.

Keep in mind, though, plenty of complications don’t exactly mean a watch is first-rate. There are many extravagances and quality watches with minimal complications.


Which nation makes the best watches for men? Or on the other hand which nation makes the best watches of any sort for that matter? The answer to this is highly emotional. However, there seems to be an agreement about three watchmaking nations. These are Switzerland, Japan, and Germany, with Switzerland being the undisputed champion.

Brands like Omega, Tissot, Rolex, Tag, Breitling, and other extravagant brands are made in Switzerland. But you can’t ignore other Japanese watchmaking giants like Seiko and Citizen. These brands also contend favorably with many Swiss watches. German brands like the A. Lange and Sohne aren’t left out as well. In fact, they produce some of the most expensive and high-quality watches available.

Water Resistance Rating

Lastly, a quality watch ought to have a fair water resistance rating or a high rating in the event that it is a diving watch. But here’s the thing, water-resistance ratings are usually confusing, especially assuming you take them literally. For example, it is easy to assume that a 50-meter water-resistance rating means you can plunge down to 50 meters, but that is totally mistaken.

Horologists (that’s a fancy word for watch specialists) recommend swimming with a watch provided that it has a base water-resistance rating of 100 meters. A rating of 200 meters and upward is okay for diving. However, keep in mind that the water resistance of a watch degrades after some time, so you want to keep more established watches out of the water as much as possible.

Anyway, the best watches for men all have high water resistance ratings, right? Wrong! Many high-quality watches are not designed for diving, so they don’t need such high ratings.

There are a plethora of cheap watches with good water-resistance ratings. It relies upon what the watch is designed to do. On the off chance that you want an extravagance watch that is worked for deep diving, you ought to keep an eye on the water-resistance ratings; in any case, high a rating isn’t necessarily a sign of a quality watch.

Conclusion – Best Watches For Men

The best watches for men don’t necessarily need to have all the criteria listed above. You will see that some of the watches in our survey don’t have a few of these features, as well, but that doesn’t make them less valuable. The main thing truly is what you are looking for in a watch.

Try not to let a lean budget stop you from getting a quality timepiece. Assuming you take a few moments to look through this list, you will find good quality watches that don’t cost much. And in the event that you have a few extra bucks to toss around, there are also wonderful extravagance watches to browse, as well.

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